We recently received a mailing from the County Executive, using airport funds, to promote his plan to expand the County Airport. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike in the Town of Rye, the Village of Rye Brook and other neighboring communities have long been suspicious of any plans to change the airport, knowing that increased flights, traffic, etc would alter the quality of life for our residents and lower the property values that comprise our largest personal investment.

The soothing words promising no expansion with this monetization deal that Rob Astorino has placed before us, rings hollow. Once before he tried to change the passenger cap at the airport, to benefit the airlines, and allow more people to flow through that facility. That proposal was widely rejected and this one should be as well.

Astorino needed $15 million to balance his 2017 budget, so he raids the airport funds with a plan that would allow a private business to decide what happens at the airport, in our backyard, for the next 40 years. And I’m sure there’s a campaign contribution or two to follow to help him in this campaign for County Executive and next year’s campaign for Governor.

Astorino doesn’t care a bit about the impacts of the Airport, nor did he on Playland. He would burn all the County furniture for firewood if it helps him in the short run of his political ambitions.

Eight years is enough. The Board of Legislators should reject this deal and let a new County Executive who cares about this community take the reins. Then we’ll include the people of Port Chester and Rye Brook in any discussion about the Airport’s future, long before deals are cut

George Latimer
NYS Senator
Candidate for County Executive