Indivisible group members showed up in force at the Board of Legislators meeting, and many of our local group’s leaders were present, with about 70 in attendance. There were also concerned neighbors who live close to the airport as well as members and leaders of local environmental groups. The group was energized and engaged, and for many of us, this was the first BOL meeting that we had attended.

While our speech to the Board of Legislators was truncated from nine to only three public comment slots, our group made an impression on the Board of Legislators. We held neon green signs, and per our group’s three speakers, we looked extremely impressive from the stand.

We had a debriefing meeting afterwards and vowed to keep the momentum going.

Jonathan stayed back and provided a copy of the plagiarized sections of the environmental section of the airport master plan, and a few legislators engaged him in discussion about the issue.

Despite the challenge of the shortened address to the Board of Legislators, we shared in a successful event and really helped raise the profile of the issues in airport privatization and the airport master plan in their eyes.