Our Knock Every Door event was such a success we are doing it again!

Don’t miss out – click here to register and for more information:

What: Target registered democrat and independent voters to raise awareness about Rob Astorino, the county executive race, and elections this fall.

When: Weekends in June – 6/2-6/16.

Why: Because our mission is to increase voter turnout in local elections and #TakeBackWestchester

How: By talking to like minded neighbors about our concerns. Studies show personal interactions are the best way to persuade others to take action.

Here’s what you said about our first KED event:

It was a great experience. We got many thank you’s too!
The biggest take away was that the people we chatted with were ready to spread the word about the Novemeber CE race! They are committed to, not only voting, but to educating their friends!

The hands-down highlight was when one guy, who didn’t know who the County Executive was, looked at the awesome info sheet put together about Astorino and said, “Of F&$#!