Let’s get ready to be heard at the upcoming “Ask Astornio” town hall!
Here are some files that might be inspiration for your groups’ participation in tonight’s Town Hall event with County Executive Robbie Astorino. Questions, posters, postcards, slogans – all good collaborations!! Consider sharing whatever other ideas you have with other coordinators here or on the CountyExecRace channel.
And, in terms of coordination, local groups such as: Sustainable Port Chester, We Persist and the Westchester Hispanic Dems are leading the way along with some faith-based orgs and leadership.
When I say “leading the way” what I mean is they are doing interviews with media this morning and at the event, sharing info about it with their communities and encouraging attendance, elevating the issues that impact the hyperlocal communities of Port Chester / Rye City / Rye. In terms of actually getting there early, getting a “golden ticket” for a seat, etc. it’s going to be interesting to see how ‘managed’ the event is. *Immigration/ICE cooperation at the local law enforcement level and privatizing Playland* have come to the forefront in these discussions yet any soft spot for Robbie is up for grabs if you are able to ask a question.
Wearing a sticker with your zip code has been mentioned so that it’s clear you are a County resident. The TH guide mentions having Agree / Disagree signs so there is a visual and questions / answers can still be heard. No sticks, etc. on your signs!

Here are some materials: