Summary of 5/31/17 7:30PM Meeting at the Rye Brook Town Hall

Wed May 31st, 7:30PM Westchester County Airport Privatization Meeting. Featuring Frasca, the consultant soliciting bids from private companies and David Gelfarb (County Legislator Dist.-6). Hosted by the Rye Brook Airport Advisory Council. Rye Brook Village Hall, Rye Brook, NY. Approx 150 in attendance.


Packed Town Hall Meeting last night about the airport, with overflow outside of the room. David Gelfarb, BoL Dist.-6, initially stated that he would wait until the private companies’ bids come in, to see if there was a good financial reason to privatize the airport before deciding whether or not he would oppose or support a deal. Later, after hearing from many residents asking him to oppose it outright now, he stated on record that he would oppose the deals. However, he stated that it was up to his constituents to go out and convince and lobby the other legislators to oppose the airport privatization, and that he wouldn’t help us.

So far there are 5 bidders, deadline for bids is July 14th. The consultant initially insisted that the private company will be making most of their money from concession stand sales and airport parking fees, and not from increased airline traffic, commercial or general aviation, and that there wouldn’t be incentives to increase air traffic there. Later he conceded that these are private companies whose goals are to focus on profits, so they could turn around and sell it to the NY Port Authority or do other things he can’t predict, in order to make money.