Episode 44: NY State Senator Pete Harckham

State Senator Pete Harckham joins us to talk about his re-election campaign against a man who calls himself “Trump’s Translator.” We also learn how we can get involved and help keep this seat blue.

Learn more about Senator Harckham and volunteer: peteforny.com

Episode 43: Turning Out the Youth Vote

Polls show that college students support Joe Biden by large margins but how to get them to register and turn out to vote? We talk with Abe Baker-Butler, founder of Frosh Vote, and what he is doing to make sure college students are at the polls in November.

Learn more about Frosh Vote: www.froshvote.org



Episode 42: How to Fight Disinformation

We talk to Indivisible Westchester’s Mark Klapper and Indivisible New Rochelle’s Kim Snyder about fighting Russian bots and home grown trolls. Find out what you can do to curb disinformation.

Find more tools to fight disinformation: www.disarmdisinfo.com



Episode 41: How You Can Help Biden/Harris

We are joined by Ny Whitaker, Lead New York for Biden+Harris and Cheryl Geller, Co-Lead Westchester for Biden+Harris. Hear how New Yorkers are working to take back the White House this election season and how you can get involved and help.

Sign up to phone bank with Westchester for Biden+Harris Sundays or Mondays

Find more phone banks, text banks postcards and more here: www.newyorkforbidenharris2020.com




Episode 40: The 2020 Election with Chris Lu

Former Obama Administration Official Chris Lu joins us to talk all things 2020 Election: Biden, Trump, voting and more.

Looking for ways to get involved in the 2020 election? Check out our Take Action page.


Chris Lu



Episode 39: NY State Senator Shelley Mayer

We talk to NY State Senator Shelley Mayer about New York’s bleak financial picture. She shares what it means for schools and the people struggling to get the benefits they need.

NY State Senator Shelley Mayer


Episode 38: The Latest on Voting in NY

The Presidential Candidates aren’t on the ballot, but the June Democratic primaries are on in Westchester. And with them, come changes in the way we can vote. Jarret Berg, attorney and Co-Founder of Vote Early NY, discusses early voting and how to vote by mail.

Find out more about voting in NY: www.voteearlyny.org


Episode 37: Local Food Banks

Local food banks are overwhelmed by the Coronavirus. We talk to Indivisible member Rhiannon Navin who has been working tirelessly to feed people in New Rochelle since the outbreak began.

Help fund the effort in New Rochelle here.

Rhiannon Navin

Episode 36: Managing Anxiety In The Age Of COVID-19

Amy Gross, Clinical Psychologist and Certified Meditation Teacher, joins us to share strategies to manage our anxiety during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)
Join Amy for her meditation classes: pausetobepresent.com

Episode 35: George Latimer on COVID-19

County Executive George Latimer joins us to talk about the County’s response to the pandemic, the coming holidays, and what the future may hold.

Episode 34: Sew For NY – Making Masks Matters

Healthcare workers on the front lines of fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic are suffering from a severe shortage of medical equipment – especially masks. We talk to one local Indivisible member who is organizing a massive mask making effort – one stitch at a time.

Find out more here: www.sewforny.org

Episode 33: Flipping Apple Country

This week we look just north and talk with Democratic candidate Michelle Hinchey about her campaign to flip State Senate District 46. We also get an update on other races in apple country from Craig Zumsteg.

Find out more about Michelle Hinchey: hincheyforny.com

Michelle Hinchey

Episode 32: Eleanor’s Legacy

Brette McSweeney, Executive Director of Eleanor’s Legacy, joins us to discuss their mission to “recruit, train and fund pro-choice Democratic women candidates across New York at the state and local level.”

Find out more about Eleanor’s Legacy and how you can get involved: www.eleanorslegacy.com

Brette McSweeney and Shannon Powell

Episode 31: Art Inspires Action

Indivisible Westchester’s curated art show featured political art from artists around the county. We talk with the artists about the power that art has as a form of resistance.

Episode 30: Love in the time of Trump

What is it like to date in this political climate? Dr. Suzanne Burger of Westchester Citizen Therapists and Liz Etkin join us to discuss romantic relationships in the age of Trump.

Episode 29: How Civics Education Can Save Democracy

Education journalist Holly Korbey suggests that the disappearance of civics education is one of the biggest threats to our democracy. She joins us to discuss her new book, Building Better Citizens: A New Civics Education for All, and shares how civics education can help us save democracy.

Author Holly Korbey

Episode 28: Democratic Primaries 101

It’s 2020 and New Yorkers are voting in two Democratic Primaries. We talk to Bill Serratore, Executive Director of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, and IW’s own Bruce Campbell about when, where and how to VOTE.

Episode 27: Resistance Resolutions

It’s 2020 – the year we all have been waiting for! We talk “resistance resolutions” with some of our favorite activists from NYCD16 Indivisible and discuss how to take ACTION in this key election year.

Find out more about NYCD16 Indivisible: http://nycd16-indivisible.org

Episode 26: Rep. Eliot Engel on Impeachment & Iran

Congressman Eliot Engel, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, gives us an update on impeachment. He also discusses the recent conflict with Iran.

Rep. Eliot Engel

Episode 25: Immigrant Experiences

We talk with the founder and host of the podcast Immigrantly, Saadia Khan. Immigrantly is dedicated to highlighting unique American stories and experiences.

Listen to Immigrantly here: immigrantlypod.com

Saadia Khan, founder and host of Immigrantly, and Donny Khan, Indivisible Westchester. (same name, no relation!)

Episode 24: DemCast

We talk with DemCast about their mission to amplify grassroots media and how it can help all of us in 2020.

Learn more about DemCast: demcastusa.com

Episode 23: How to Flip a Seat

We talk to newly elected County Legislator Ruth Walter and her campaign manager Brendan Carty about her win this election season and how she was able to flip this seat from red to blue.

Ruth Walter, newly elected County Legislator

Episode 22: Holiday Hell – How to Survive Your Trump Supporting Family

We talk to Dr. Suzanne Burger of Westchester Citizen Therapists and Jin Whang of Indivisible New Rochelle about how to survive the holidays with your Trump supporting family. Also, we share some listeners questions and advice about getting through the Thanksgiving meal.

Episode 21: Campaign Finance Reform

The Campaign Finance Reform Commission is supposed to create a public financing system for New York State. But, as the Commission comes close to unveiling its plan the Fair Elections for New York Coalition is increasingly worried that the recommendations will be watered down. We spoke to activists about these fears at a rally prior to a Commission meeting. Also at play, a move to end Fusion Voting, a constitutionally protected right which allows candidates to run on multiple ballot lines.
Learn more about Fair Elections for New York: https://fairelectionsny.org.

Episode 20: Early Voting – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We talk to Jarret Berg, co-founder of Vote Early NY, about Early Voting in New York State this past election. Also, what happened in Westchester – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Find out more at www.voteearlyny.org

Episode 19: County Executive George Latimer

County Executive George Latimer shares with us why he wants to be remembered as a regular guy. And, the latest on taxes, election security, cyberattacks and Facebook.

County Executive George Latimer

Bonus Episode: George Latimer’s Budget Announcement

County Executive George Latimer gives us an exclusive announcement about the 2020 County Budget.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer

Episode 18: Meaghan Winter, Author of All Politics is Local

We talk to Bronxville native Meaghan Winter, author of All Politics is Local: Why Progressives Must Fight for the States. Hear what she discovered on the ground in three important battle ground states.

Meaghan Winter is a freelance magazine writer and author of ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL: Why Progressives Must Fight for the States (Bold Type Books, October 2019). Her work has appeared in Best American Magazine Writing, The New York Times, ESSENCE, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Bloomberg Businessweek, Slate, The Believer and The Kenyon Review. Meaghan has an MFA from Columbia University, and she has taught writing at Columbia, The New School, and CUNY. She lives in New York City.

Find out more about Meaghan here: https://www.meaghanwinter.com

Meaghan Winter

Photo by Rose Lichter-Marck

Episode 17: Canvassing and Local Elections

We tag along with Democratic Candidate Vedat Gashi as he canvasses for an open seat on the County Board of Legislators. Plus, we chat with Chairman of the Board Ben Boykin who discusses why the 2019 local election matters.

Vedat Gashi canvassing in Somers

Chairman Ben Boykin

Episode 16: Undoing Racism

Westchester’s own Rev. Kym McNair, Coordinator for Community Education and Engagement at My Sister’s Place and anti-racist organizer and trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, explains what “undoing racism” means and how that journey can change your life. Plus, the women of CURE and how they are helping their own local community start on that very journey.
Find out more about Undoing Racism workshops: https://www.pisab.org
Discover learning opportunties with CURE: https://www.learnwithcure.com

Rev. Kym McNair, Coordinator for Community Education and Engagement at MySisters’ Place, a domestic violence agency located in Westchester County,New York.

Kanan Sheth and Nicole Alifante of CURE with Shannon Powell

Episode 15: NY State Senator Alessandra Biaggi

NY State Senator Alessandra Biaggi celebrates the demise of the IDC, discusses the successes of the recent legislative session and shares what is on her agenda moving forward.

Episode 14: Congressman Eliot Engel On Impeachment

Congressman Eliot Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, discusses the impeachment of President Trump. We are also joined by Tom Watson, Columbia Professor, Journalist, Political Commentator, Consultant and Activist to discuss all things impeachment.
Follow Tom on Twitter: twitter.com/tomwatson


Episode 13: Tony the Democrat and the Power of Postcarding

Tony the Democrat, founder of Postcards to Voters, tells us about his start in the postcarding effort, how many postcards they have sent out to date, and the surprising power of postcarding. We also chat with the women behind IW’s own postcarding and learn how you can get involved.

Find out more about Postcards to Voters and join their National effort: postcardstovoters.org

Let us know you want to join IW’s local postcarding effort here.

Tony the Democrat

Episode 12: Climate Strike

We are at Westchester’s own Climate Strike in Peekskill, NY. Hear from the children, the organziers and the Deputy Mayor of Peekskill, Kathleen Talbot. Find out more about the Global Climate Strike at globalclimatestrike.net.


Episode 11: Gun Violence Prevention

We are joined by Barry Graubart, Deputy Chapter Leader for Advocacy for the NY State Chapter for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Indivisible Westchester’s own Amy Gross, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action. Also, an interview with Student Activist Kelly Marx.

Get involved at www.momsdemandaction.org or text READY to 64433.

Barry Graubart, Shannon Powell and Amy Gross


Episode 10: County Legislators Forum

Recorded live during our Westchester County Board of Legislators Forum. Hear excerpts from each of the candidates who are running in contested elections. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019! Early Voting has come to New York THIS year. Find out more at Voteearlyny.org. Watch the full forum here:

Find out more about the candidates here:
Catherine Borgia: www.electborgia.com
Kitley Covill: electcovill.com
Vedat Gashi: www.vedatgashi.com
Damon Maher: electdamonmaher.com
Colin Smith: www.colin4westchester.com/
Ruth Walter: www.electruthwalter.com

Episode 9: NY State Indivisibles

We are on location at the NY State Indivisible Convening with members of our sister group NYCD-16 Indivisible to talk about what’s next for the resistance in New York State. Also, an interview with Jarret Berg, co-founder VoteEarlyNY, who gives us the basics on Early Voting in NY State and how we can spread the word.
Find out more about Early Voting in NY at www.voteearlyny.org.
Follow our sister group at nycd16-indivisible.org.

Episode 8: Mueller

We talk with two activists about “reading” the Mueller Report and his recent testimony, and an interview with Justin Hendrix, co-founder of the Mueller Book Club

Find out more:

Shelley Berlincourt, Shannon Powell and Jessica Ettinger

Episode 7: Census 2020

We discuss why the Census matters, the damage Trump has done, and how we can help make sure everyone is counted.

For more information on the Census or to sign up to help: www.census.gov/partners/2020

Kim Snyder, Ximena Francella, Harley (IW summer intern), and Shannon Powell

Episode 6: Reproductive Rights

We discuss reproductive rights and the Reproductive Health Act with Acacia Bamberg Salatti*, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund, and Annemarie Uhl, Chair of the Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund and PPHP Votes. Also, an interview with Catherine Lederer-Plaskett from WCLA Choice Matters.

Find out more:

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund

WCLA Choice Matters

*Since taping this episode, Acacia Bamberg Salatti has become the Chief of Staff for Rep. Jahana Hayes, CT.

Episode 5: Disinformation

What happens when fake news becomes real news and how to prevent it. We discuss our forum on disinformation that featured Renée DiResta and Justin Hendrix. Also, an interview with Renée DiResta.

Watch video of the forum here.

Find out more about disinformation at www.disarmdisinfo.com.

Episode 4: Get Involved in Local Elections

How and why to get involved in local elections, and an interview with Catherine Parker, Westchester County Board of Legislators Majority Leader, who previews upcoming local races.

Take the 2020 Indivisible Pledge here.

Episode 3: Youth Speaks

We hear from two high school seniors about Trump, climate change, abortion right, gun violence and more. Plus an interview with Abe Baker-Butler, 17-year-old co-founder of the Westchester Student Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Shannon, Angelina and Brandon.

Episode 2: The Lazy Activist

How to get involved in big and small ways and an update from Sarah Reeske, NY Upstate Organizer for Indivisible Project. After listening visit the websites and pages mentioned in the episode:

Indivisible Westchester on Facebook
Sign up for the Indivisible Westchester weekly newsletter
Email IW to find a group near you: communications@indivisiblewestchester.org

Sarah Reeske, NY Upstate Organizer for Indivisible Project


 Episode 1: Ten Things I Hate About Trump

Such a big list but so little time plus a chat with Dr. Suzanne Burger about the dangerous situation in the White House.  After listening find out more about Westchester Citizen Therapists at  westchestercitizentherapists.com and read Donny’s full blog post here.