There is a special election in Connecticut on February 28th that is critical.

This is an opportunity for progressives to work across state lines to take back and hold state legislatures.   The state Senate is deadlocked with an even number of Republicans and Democrats, and a Cava victory would tip it back into Democratic control. If Republicans win, they will control a state that breaks 2 to 1 Democrat.

To learn more about Greg Cava, click HERE

3 ways you can help:

  1. Participate in phone banking at any point over the next week to get the word out about this special election (most people aren’t aware it’s happening)
  2. Help with canvassing this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday
  3. Give rides to constituents on election day

If you can help – please click on the link below to let us know when you’re available and what activities in which you are interested in volunteering.


WHY are we getting involved in a CT election? Most people don’t even know that there is an election and we have an opportunity to send a clear message that WE ARE STILL HERE and we will commit time, energy and resources to WINNING ELECTIONS for politicians that share our core values.

Every call we make allows volunteers in the district to spend their time going door to door. EXAMPLE: Last week, Laurie Warner in Minnesota lost her race by just 500 votes! She closed the gap from +30 R to just +6.5 R. If a few more people had been calling, we could have won that race! Let’s not risk losing Connecticut!